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You and me should see if we can conquer the entire frontpage of NG with quality rat content

SMB2 as a whole was like a weird fever dream man that mask that would fly at you used to scare the piss out of me as a child

cool animation btw

This has got a lot of potential. I enjoy how human the characters are with the way they are written and they way they act. That sincerity kept me interested, but I'd definitely try and take further advantage of the visual medium you're working with. Jaime-R kinda carried with his surreal portions, but not even just because it was so technically well done. What was being animated was just very visually interesting and I think you could incorporate that more into the rest of the animation.

Like even during scenes where they're just talking on the phone, I think you could show more angles of the characters' respective environments and maybe play more with color palettes. The best aspect of the phone conversation was how real the dialogue felt, so why not compliment that by showing the audience relevant visual information? Maybe while they talk about nerd stuff, you can show the dude's posters or maybe he's wearing nerdy socks as he takes a seat in his star wars beanbag or something. Doesn't need to be anything fancy, but if you give us a better physical glimpse into their environments then we'll begin to feel more attached and interested in what's happening. Hell, maybe even do some mild camera movements to keep the audience's eyes from glazing over while they talk.

Pretty lengthy comment sorry but there's so much good stuff here that I'd love to see y'all flesh this out even further! Hope to see more in the near future & best of luck with this project :D

WaeBakStudios responds:

I totally agree. We have a bit more fun in the second episode, specifically in JC's opening. It'll be posted here soon, but it is on Youtube. I'm glad you dug this though!

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This is pure fucking mania, I love it so much

This fucking slapssssss. So stylish and fun, good job guys! I wish there was a little stronger visual cues for the arrows since it's a bit hard to tell when to get ready or if you're getting the notes timed right, but that's really it. Everything's just come together so nicely to create such a funky nostalgic vibe. (+The music was good enough for me to download separately!!) Awesome stuff here.

This game was amazing, it was very addicting and kept me entertained. The story behind was creative and the overall tone was dark and gross (I love that kind of shit). You guys just earned yourselves another five bucks. Bravo!

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Awesome just plain awesome

The song was so full of suspence, it was just amazing and you even snuck some rock into it! You have magic audio powers or something because everything you make is so awesome it deserves the highest rating ever. 100/5


I like it how you made the song sound dark and creepy.

armydanywolf responds:

thanks but its crap...

the loop was okay

It didn't have a real rhythm and the tune was out of tune, it was okay though.

armydanywolf responds:


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I love the unhinged energy of this one. This is how I be talking about my own stuff too

This is a super cool style! You should try a pose and composition that matches how lively and flow-y it is, I think it’d really compliment it

Man it’s so insane to me that your stuff was already SO good back in 2019 but here you are blowing that stuff out of the water. You just never stop improvin it’s honestly amazing

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