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This has such an old school feel to it I love it. While I admit I think there could be improvements to the pacing and the sound design, those quirks definitely help add to the charm that makes this feel like it’s straight out of 2009. I really hope you continue this style of animation because I’m so interested to see how it’ll look as you improve upon it. Great work!! Keep it up

I love this so much. I will show this to all the local gas station employees in my area.

MaxJohnsonINK responds:

Thanks! They will all enjoy it, I think. Except for that one… he might do something really, really terrible.

Visually and stylistically this is SO tight, some real amazing shit right here. My biggest critique is the audio, especially with the dialogue it was very difficult to make out what was being said. That’s a big issue when the story is so dependent on the opening conversation. I’d work on that but also suggest you play further into your strengths. I think you could’ve used more visual cues and exaggerated acting choices to convey conversation and how the characters felt. This some real impressive stuff tho— keep it up I’m excited to see what more you’ve got cookin for the future !!

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This is pure fucking mania, I love it so much

This fucking slapssssss. So stylish and fun, good job guys! I wish there was a little stronger visual cues for the arrows since it's a bit hard to tell when to get ready or if you're getting the notes timed right, but that's really it. Everything's just come together so nicely to create such a funky nostalgic vibe. (+The music was good enough for me to download separately!!) Awesome stuff here.

This game was amazing, it was very addicting and kept me entertained. The story behind was creative and the overall tone was dark and gross (I love that kind of shit). You guys just earned yourselves another five bucks. Bravo!

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Awesome just plain awesome

The song was so full of suspence, it was just amazing and you even snuck some rock into it! You have magic audio powers or something because everything you make is so awesome it deserves the highest rating ever. 100/5


I like it how you made the song sound dark and creepy.

armydanywolf responds:

thanks but its crap...

the loop was okay

It didn't have a real rhythm and the tune was out of tune, it was okay though.

armydanywolf responds:


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The linework and the round shapes and all the fur and folds actually remind me a lot of Dr Seuss funnily enough, except amazingly grotesque. Great design, love seeing this kind of creature design! MAN I wish horror movies would start utilizing cool monster designs more.

PorriDge4 responds:

Thanks for the commentary, appreciate it a lot. Yeah, I have been having sort of similar thoughts to what you have expressed. Most of the horror creature designs Ive seen in movies and videogames often boil down to either "big tall thing with elongated limbs and a big mouth, many teeth probably too", a "demon with horns. Thats it" or "scary woman with long hair and a possible appendage". Dont get me wrong, these ideas have a long history and are very effective, since they respond to many fundamental ideas of what produces fear in the first place, but I dont find them as interesting or creative as I would have wanted to. Which is why I am interested in playing around with grotesque shapes and concepts and seeing how I can alter them so they would be more appealing. Or odd. Lol.

Her: Your ass better not be a realistically rendered 3D model of Jerma when I get home


The style and perspective on this is so crazy, it's kinda dizzying and I fuck with it

Jomocho responds:

The dutch tilt has done its job xD

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