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ratchili's News

Posted by ratchili - September 18th, 2014

Don't fight me. Just let the Plates grow again. You may delete my forum posts.


But you can never delete my dishes



Posted by ratchili - July 30th, 2014

I've heard his favorite flavor of icecream is Rocky Road.

Posted by ratchili - July 28th, 2014


Posted by ratchili - June 14th, 2014

Okay, so a certain post on the Newgrounds BBS made me take a closer look at just how horrifying I was as a nine-year-old kid. I almost feel like apologizing for some of the stupid shit I did. Like, I'm so sorry for all the disgustingly homophobic stuff I said and the weird anime shizz I was trying to get others to draw for me. I thought my art was bad, but looking at the stuff I used to post on the forum, I really feel the need to clarify that I'm an entirely different person.

My apologies, Newgrounds of 2009-2010.

Posted by ratchili - June 8th, 2014



I'm so bringing that back. I'm so bringing back the Plate Guys. WE WILL ATTACK AT NIGHTFALL.

Posted by ratchili - June 7th, 2014

UgGgHHh I'm gOnnA stArt uPloadiNG nEw art UgghhH gUuyyS

Posted by ratchili - March 24th, 2014

Well, here it is. I JUST realized that only three days ago was my fifth, let me repeat, FIFTH anniversary on NewGrounds. Granted I haven't been there for like three of them, this place just means a lot to me. If it wasn't for you people out there putting down my previous stick-up-the-butt personality and artwork back when I was friggin' nine years old, I can safely say that my art may have not imporved at all. Your unkind words went right into my little baby ears and instead of letting it get to me, I was all, "LOL CHALLENGE ACCEPTED FAGGET" and hopped on back on that horse to draw. Well, maybe not a horse (Although that would be a legible reason for my art to suck). 

I swear this website is the reason I'm way more mature than a lotta other people I meet my age, I just let all those bad influences and the need to swear out at a young age. Kinda like going through those college party years at a young age and becoming a boring adult. Except y'know, I still do wacky shinanigans (Did I ever mention the time I secretly filled everyone in my classroom's hood with marshmellows and laughed maniacally as they went to put their hoods up?) and stuff. 

Just the sheer creativity of this site has made an impact on my life that few other things of such genres have been able to do. Salad Fingers, Castle Crashers, Pico and friends; The list goes on. I continue to be inspired by these creations, despite not really sharing it on this website. I plan to be more active here now, especially after having some great ideas for comics and such.

Thank all of you Newgrounds folks for doing what you do.


P.S. Remember Plate Guys? I don't think anyone knows that THE Tom Fulp verfied it as a legit group.

Posted by ratchili - November 15th, 2013

Welp, I couldn't help but undelete a shit ton of art I made in like the fourth grade when I kinda first joined out of pure memories. It's funny to see how butthurt I got and compare my artwork from then to now. I'm sure to upload newer art though to show that I have in fact improved and I didn't just remain at the skill level of a nine year old kid with the mentality of a fourteen year old.
Seriously. I think I took out all my rage out in that one year.

Posted by ratchili - July 5th, 2013

Please excuse my retarded younger age if anyone still remembers. I think I'm gonna go delete my art I submitted in like the sixth grade. Okaybye.

Posted by ratchili - August 13th, 2012

Just played the demo. Just lost five dollars.