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ratchili's News

Posted by ratchili - December 8th, 2016

If Santa Claus sees everything that means he sees you pee in the shower teehee. Hope you like coal for Christmas.

'TIS THE SEASON. So as we all know, Christmas is on it's way and everybody's getting gifts for each other in the spirit of not looking like an asshole!! Christmas is actually my favorite season though. It's the one time of year that perfectly pieces together the things in life I love. Good people, good food, good times, and maybe some cool new stuff. I could work at Hallmark with that attitude. I've decided to let the good spirit get to me and I'm going to be gifting artwork and stuff I've made and will have printed onto things like posters, phone cases, and clothing. It's gonna be one hefty task. Guess I'm a masochist when it comes to pens and paints. I've already got a lot of deadlines coming up. I'm running short on time and money but who knows- Maybe a wet kiss on the mouth from Santa man himself will give me enough Christmas magic to survive. In the mean time, it's up the the magic of holiday anxiety to give me the strength to succeed.

I'll be back soon. Keep my sleigh-seat warm, fellas!

Posted by ratchili - November 20th, 2016

Hola Hola.

Allow me to update you  F U C K S  on what's been happening in my life. First off, lot's of art. I mean I can't even take a shit without wiping my ass with some fucking picasso piece of wonder. Of course, I'm not saying I'm anywhere close to picasso right now. In fact, I'm probably closer to that left ear of his he cut off. Nevertheless, I been in full creative drive and I have yet to crash into that homeless person jaywalking we all call "art block." So keep your eyes peeled for some more of my content!! I been doing a lot with my school's mascot lately on account of being the only senior in my school who does digital cartoons. Plus I'm in yearbook so it's cool that I'll be able to get those drawings of the blue devil into the book for all to see! Except the cover won't be revealed to all the peeps in my school 'til June, so it'll probably look like garbage to me by then haha. But check out my recent pieces herehere, and HERE. The Homer Simpson one is just a quickie but I might do more like that since it was fun.

Other than that, it's just school, girlfriend, and lame-o politics. Thank god for the girlfriend part because fuck school and fuck politics. I'm not even gonna get too into detail about politics, I just kinda hate both sides right now (but mostly the left lmao). But hey, these conditions in society have made a pretty awesome season in South Park I recommend everybody watches. Plus JonTron becoming a political figure is my favorite. Bless his little heart.

I hope to see you all soon once more. Give papa a big ol' kiss on the mouth!!

Posted by ratchili - October 2nd, 2016

Okay alright okay you guys fucking amped?? I'm fucking AMPED. The butterflies in my stomach are having an orgy right now you don't even fucking know.

For real though, here's what's up: I'm a SENIOR. Finally, the perfect excuse for bullying and public indecency. You say it's wrong my dick's out? I say my dick's a senior, so you can give it a discount on its coffee you freshman friday fag bag. I run this school now.

Senior year is pretty exciting to me to say the least. I've been participating a fuck ton, helping make a 5k and designing t-shirts for my school, not to mention being a yearbook editor who also gets to make the DAMN COVER. All I gotta do is put a sweet hentai babe on the front and I get a 5 out of 5 on Newgrounds. But you guys'll have to settle on a lame blue devil thing and some nature shit since the theme has to do with nature this year. Maybe I'll give the tree tits, lmao.

I've been a busy bee to say the least, but when you get a taste of this honey you're gonna pitch a tent from how dang good it is. Hopefully. A lot of it is promotional text designs and stuff for t-shirts so I can't and don't want to upload it. However, I've got like 15 new project ideas I'm working on for fun and I'll put those here!!! Also, I did a promotional thing for my AP Gov class I'm ashamed of (below).


Hope to be back soon!!!! Love U!!!

Posted by ratchili - August 25th, 2016

I been vacationing with friends and family for the past two weeks so I've had a tough time making time for actual art projects. I just uploaded one today though, so GO LOOK PLEASE: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/chat-man/supergoodpancakes

Posted by ratchili - August 2nd, 2016

I ain't got important shit to talk about at all but it's almost 2 in the morning and I feel like I gotta keep this gravestone of a fucking profile alive. Because I at least hope that when it is one, that shit doesn't say "probably some faggot lmao." I'd love to make friends on this site, but every time I look at the forums, the little hamster running the wheel (that is my brain) suffers a stroke because I can't follow the way conversations happen here.

I'm hoping to continue uploading art here though and see where that gets me. Though, I'm starting to notice that unless your art is fucking flawless or beautifully stylistic, if you draw anything remotely ugly, you are FUCKED. I wonder how many people just browse through the art portal dick first. So maybe I'll just draw cute hentai girls until my adoring fans are forced to cream to whatever hellspawn I create on canvas.

Posted by ratchili - July 29th, 2016

Hello again, you delicious tank-obsessed fucks.

So, I've finally started to kick myself into high gear and get some art shit done. Frankly, I'm pretty proud of my recent results. They're not the utter shit stains of permanent marker that I sometimed tried to wipe up with watercolor. No, these recent pieces have been better, cleaner, and in TECHNICOLOR.

I'm mostly excited about my drunk stickers that I have been doing on-and-off over the past few months. You can see that here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/chat-man/drunk-stickers-2 (These will be on sale if you are interested, just PM me for details.) I've also got a couple more pieces coming up real soon!!

So yeah I've basically been kicking myself in the balls to get some good work out. Hope y'all enjoy them and I plan on sticking around here a little more now.<333 So, yeah.

See you soon.

Posted by ratchili - May 4th, 2016

So, Newgrounds is great and all, and I'm really excited for Pico Day this year. However, I rarely use this site because I lack involvment with the community and my content combined with my work ethic isn't quite ready for a place like Newgrounds. Other websites, I can just post complete and utter garbage in between my good stuff and people still enjoy that. Although I'm still pretty shit, I have been making a strong effort to improve and even posted some more art. Check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/chat-man/fanbenders

I plan on making more digital pieces now that I've kind of figured out how the fuck to use an Intuos. I'll also hopefully purchase a Cintiq this summer if my summer jobs pay as handsomely as my family has informed me. Can't promise I'll be active on this site though, my life's got me elsewhere. Maybe once I'm the rich kid on the block with that fancy digital art thingy I'll be able to post regularly and stuff, but for now it takes me like months between uploads.

Love you, Newgrounds!!!!!!!! I'll be back soon, hopefully.

Posted by ratchili - January 4th, 2016

So basically I barely use this site since Instagram has kinda become a better platform for me to post my art on, (especially when no one really even views it here) but wanted to point out the fact that I am not dead. Rather, I've actually been quite alive and busy despite what a walking corpse I feel like at times. Nonetheless, I have finally obtained an Intuos Art and software to use so I can begin to learn how to make digital art. Because if there's anything I've learned from this site, it's that people only really give a shit if your art's digital. Otherwise you have to work like eight times harder for the same results. And that fucking blows.

ANYWHO Sex Cops will probably be back never unless I decide to do some sort of mini-comic. I've got newer ideas I feel more confident in that I will probably attempt to work on instead. In the mean time, I'll probably be practicing some digital dick doodles and doing fun watercolor shit as usual.

Catch you lovelies, later.

Posted by ratchili - October 18th, 2015

Wowee, my life sure doesn't go as expected. Guess I never got the memo that 11th grade requires an ass-ton of work, especially when you decide to take another year of Spanish and an AP course. Procrastination's gotta end here I guess. It was fun being 100% lazy while it lasted.

So where's Sex Cops??? Is Sex Cops still a thing??? Well here's the info. I did five pages like I said, but took way longer and y'know- I am very unsatisfied with it's quality. My art keeps improving and every page I've left behind makes it a little more evident. I'm unsure as to whether I should post it since I feel like even the best looking pages generally lack in quality that I wish to produce. I may post page 1, but no way in hell is that going in the portal. Sex Cops are going to remain simple OCs of my SUPER FUCKING HOT GIRLFRIEND and I until we think of some sort of script and get some actual fucking art stuff.

In the mean time, I will be working primarily with watercolor and sharpie. I'm working on a couple pieces and hope to finish and submit one soon. See you soon, qt's ;*

Posted by ratchili - August 22nd, 2015

So, if any of you pleasant human beings are interested in my decline in activity, I have been rather busy


I've been working a crazy amount at some beach-restaurant, making that cash-dough for a laptop and art tablet so I can hopefully upload art that doesn't look like complete ass. Sharpies and paper are brutal on my simplistic and basic art-style that still needs a lot of improvement. At least people were nice enough to vote though.

Other than that, I've been doing lots of camping shit with boats and surfing while trying to make time for my waifu. So, art's been pretty hard to get to lately. Don't worry shitless citizens, SEX COPS is still a thing in the making. I knpow it's been like two months, but I only have two pages done. But, I've set a goal and I'm hoping to have the five pages I need for upload in about three weeks. Maybe more if I can get to it.

Hope to post again soon, babes.