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ratchili's News

Posted by ratchili - May 23rd, 2019


I put a lot of heart into it. It's a story told by my Dad about how he defeated an elementary school bully using only his wits and a Twinkie. I tried experimenting with some new mediums and such, so it was a lot of fun and I hope y'all will check it out!!


Who the hell is Rat-Chili?: OKAY so basically I needed to rebrand. I was Nosferaytu before but as cool as that name is, it's way to dang close to being "Nosferatu" which made it impossible to find me. I was originally just going to go by my actual name, but I remembered that my last name is literally impossible to spell. Instead, I have decided to make my alias a fun simplification of my real name.


I'm gonna work a bit more on my image and identity on the site, but I think the current vibe I've got going will suffice for now. I hadn't had the time before but I just finished my second year at Pratt, which is my first year of animation. It was a tough feat but I made some stuff I was proud of.

My goals for this summer is to release another animation I have planned and to work on some animated gifs since I just wanna make some cool shorter-length stuff for the time being. So stick around and hopefully you'll see something you like!

Stay tuned<3


Posted by ratchili - May 11th, 2019


I love this website to death, so it's always so great to see everyone come together for a day to celebrate the amazing community Newgrounds has fostered over the years. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to come to a celebration myself! Maybe another year when Pico Day and college finals don't overlap teehee.


It's all done and completed already, but it's also a personal piece made that features my dad. So, I'd like to wait until I'm back home to have a family screening before putting it anywhere online. You can expect my film sometime between the 21st and the 22nd. So mark your calendars!

It's my longest animation to date, so I hope you all will enjoy it<3

See y'all soon. Crack open a cold one for Pico for me and don't clog any toilets :^)


Posted by ratchili - April 4th, 2019

HELLO! I've been kind of quiet, but LOOK AT THIS GIF I MADE.

I'm gonna be brief about this because I have class in 15 minutes as I type this. But school's got me KNEE DEEP in work; some of it fun, some of it not so fun. The important part is that it's mostly all related to animation, which means at least if the work makes me wanna die it'll only make me more powerful.

I have been uploading little fun things here and there you should definitely check out. Mostly the first link, but HERE'S another little animated gif about emotion, and HERE'S a fun little animated gif I did as a logo for a couple of film dudes.

Also, be sure to check out this mixed-media animation I did that was inspired by a rap song I like:

You should expect another project from me within the next couple months. It's about my Dad which is cool.

Hope to see y'all soon again.<3



Posted by ratchili - December 17th, 2018

THE LINK: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/722544

Here is my final for Animation Studio 1 at Pratt. The assignment was to make a 30 second animation and boy did I slave over it. It's based on a comic I made last semester for my drawing final: 


I pulled 2 all nighters for this baby. Food characters really resonate with me for some reason, I worked real hard to bring them to life for y'all. With Animation Studio 2 coming straight towards me, you can expect a lot more of things like this in the future.

It feels good to upload something like this to a place I care so much about.

Tell me what you think, tank boys n girls!

Posted by ratchili - November 9th, 2018

Lookie what I made: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/719833

I've been doing a lottttt of traditional animation for my studio class this semester, with a lot of the animations being types of exercises. However, this last assignment was to create a fight scene so I was able to make something that others could enjoy. It was also done in pencil, however I used some compositing for things like backgrounds and such. Animation is CrAzYyYy.

I have the final for the semester upcoming and everyone's going to try and make something great. I'm hoping to do the same. This time I'll be working digitally, so hopefully I'll have a nice and polished, 20-30 second cartoon for you all come early December.


Posted by ratchili - September 9th, 2018

Everyone watch this video, it's very good. A very accurate depiction of city lifestyle.


Posted by ratchili - August 25th, 2018

Hey, LOOK AT MY ART: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/nosferaytu/spring-dong

I spent a lot of time on this baby and I think it looks pretty dang good, probably the best digital piece I've ever done. Please roast me.

Also I'm starting my second year at Pratt, so ya boy's about to get busy again. At least there's plenty of tasty bagel places nearby to wipe all my tears with. Wish me luck!!



Posted by ratchili - June 17th, 2018

Hello again.

It's me, NosferGAYtu. Honestly, I've been a somewhat unproductive sack of doo-doo (excuse my language) lately. However, I've pumped out a piece of Papa's Day if y'all are interested: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/nosferaytu/old-crow-2018

I spent a good deal of time job hunting and finally found myself as a "Sandwich Artist" at Subway. So now when I apply for jobs in the future, I can note that I do portraits in both charcoal and mustard on coldcuts. Plus I think it's reviving my dead corpse back into a semi-living art man by forcing me to live a more productive life which is cool. Hope this means I'll upload again soon, but who knows??

Anyways, see ya l8r sk8rs.


Posted by ratchili - May 2nd, 2018


I uploaded my first piece o' art here on Newgrounds in 2018, GO SEE: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/nosferaytu/junked-food

Anywho, I'm just here at Pratt in the midst of FINALS HAHAHA. In fact that latest piece I uploaded was the final assignment for my lovely foundation drawing class that I will actually miss. I've never worked so hard in my life yet I've never been so happy either. Maybe it's stockholm syndrome?? Regardless, I got NO sleep for that piece and it was totally worth it in my eyes.

Now that my first year at Pratt is coming to an end, y'all can look forwards to more uploads in the near future. If I intend to maintain my skills, I gotta practice. Otherwise my arm will just deflate into a useless meat balloon and I'll probably end up on TLC for being a lazy sack of shit. Overall, it was a very good year that definitely benefitted me as both an artist and a person.

I'm sad to see it end but excited to make more art for here.

Be back soon, lovelies.

Posted by ratchili - December 25th, 2017


Today's the magical day where baby Christ had to violently claw his way through Mary's thick, untouched hymen to claim his spot as the true son of God. And much like our lord and savior, I had a wonderful morning clawing my way through presents in the spirit of the holiday.

Now even though neither me or any of my direct family believes in most of that, Christmas is the most wonderful cult celebration and definitely places itself as my favorite holiday. Honestly, no other holiday gave me such a large amount of free time combined with such good food and gifts all around. But if you're one of those BOZOS who thinks Halloween amounts to anything as great as Christmas, feel free to let me take your days off so I can keep jerking off to how great the holiday spirit feels. I sure do love me some gingerbread.

Anywho, as far as an update goes, I survived my first semester at Pratt. Feels pretty great, but I can get more sentimental about it if I do a New Years update. But basically, it's been a positive experience all around and I definitely feel growth in both my skills and myself as a functioning human being. Being home with gifts and loads of time to relax definitely feels like a good reward that'll help me recharge for my next helping of "what the fuck this is too much work."

As for my art, I don't know if I'll upload any more before 2018, but if I do, I'll be sure to announce it. As for now, here's that Fat Albert piece I did about a month ago: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/nosferaytu/phat-albert CHECK IT OUT, WON'T YA?

I hope y'all had a merry as HECK Christmas and that Santa didn't use too much tongue this year.