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Posted by ratchili - July 7th, 2017

---                 -                  "HEY HEY HEY"                  -                 ---

Where has the scrawny, essay writing, future failed art student been at? Where's that whack, curly haired, swedish-fish-for-dinner half normie who laughs when it's least appropriate? He came and he left like Newgrounds was a porn set. I need to know where that limp dick, artsy muppet's been at. I miss him.

I was at Applebees, fuck, calm down.


Now if I'm being real, I been busier than a bee if that bee was also a business man. Sure, a lot of the shit I been saying lately is a little race-based, but I guess that's what happens when you spend the past few months focussed on reality in a town full of mostly white people. Sometimes the craziest thing I'll see all day is a chinese person. 

Again, now let me be real, I been up to so much shit. First and foremost, I graduated. Your boy's about to hit the grown up world and the grown up world about to Mike Tyson my life apart with college debt. But hey, sometimes you just gotta spend tens of thousands of dollars to become a trained artist in the world. Seems fair, at least they're not asking for my first born child this time around.

On top of that, I went on my senior trip, held back tears at the senior bash, I got a new job and got fired from it for being busy with graduation, been hanging out with friends nonstop, and partying a lot because that shit is real college prep. I'm headed to Pratt towards the end of August and I'd like to not end up embarassing myself and/or dying because I was unaware of how to handle party situations. Plus all that fun and freedom I been experiencing lately has been with a great group of people who I can safely say I'll miss once I'm out of this milktoast town of mine.

The past few months I been gone, I changed a lot. I been a lot more social, confident, energetic, and pretty healthy. Unfortunately, I also haven't had any DANG time to make any DANG art pieces. Now that all the graduation shit is slowing down, I'm hoping to make some more stuff I can upload so stay tuned. Even if I don't upload much, I'll try to be more active here with posts and whatnot. Hell, who knows how much college will consume my time once I'm there. Hopefully I'll be able to upload higher quality shit with all I'll be learning though.

Thanks for being patient, babes<33 I can't promise I'll be back soon, but I promise if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll see some mint garbage I'll have uploaded.


---                  -           P    E    A    C    E         -                  ---


Best of luck dude, graduation can be super stressful so it's good that you managed to survive all of that. lol Also congrats for being a fellow 'class of 2017' kid OwO

>I eat those things and I go slanty in one eye and gain 5 pounds in one titty.

A true poet.

Thanks, maybe it's all the rap music I been listening to?? I like to think Shakespeare would've made a great MC.

And congrats to you too on all that graduation shit, homie, glad to see you made it out too haha. We oughta collab or something some time, damn I dig your art and damn I need motivation.

I would make fake shakespeare rap but that is beyond my realm. :^(

Aw hell yeah, that would be great! ovo And thank you times a million twinkies, that means a lot to me since I've been going through a huge art block recently. ;v;

Any time ;^* I got quite a few collab ideas, I'll PM you